Thursday, February 24, 2011

Radio Play! Check it out and call in!

Hey everyone! Wanted to list just some college stations that have added my album, "Shed," and have it in rotation. Call in and request it up! ☝✮ Listed are stations in areas where I have lots of fans. There are tons more though! I'll list them entirely in a few weeks. This week East Coast and my home states!

KCOU Columbia
KOPN Columbia
KDHX St. Louis
KMNR Rolla
KSLU St Louis
Lasell Newton
WAMH Amherst
WCHC Worchester
WKKL West Barnstable
WMHC South Hadley
WTCC Springfield
WZLY Wellesley
New York:
VIC Radio Ithaca
WBNY Buffalo
WCVF Fredonia
WCVM Morrisville
WCWP Brookville
WDWN Auburn
WEOS Geneva
WITR Rochester
WKWZ Syosset
WSBU St.Bonaventure
WSPN Saratoga Springs
KJHK Lawrence ( Go Jayhawks!)
WIIT Chicago
WRDP Chicago
WUIC Chicago
WIDB Carbondale
WMXM Lake Forrest
WAUG Rock Island
WRBU Peoria
WNSU Fort Lauderdale
Osprey Jacksonville
WOWL Boca Raton
WSBU St.Bonaventure

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Shed," Album release show Video Montage is up! ❤

Thanks again everyone for making it out and continuing to support my music! Much Love!♥♥